Tuesday, 28 September 2010


"Good Question
Toy is an idea that unites independent artists for commissioned projects. Working collaboratively to apply a range of styles across product, motion, print and screen."
Its also the product of years of hard work by the Fantastic Gr Gray... or Chris. An ex Salford Graphics student he wandered off and created toy world and what a wonderful world it is....

and here is his blog... he's not only a great illustrator, typographer and photographer, he has a great line in smart bobble hats as well.......

There are a bevvy of illustrators on here like Rob Bailey, Nicolas Tual, Nicholas Saunders, Chris Martin, David Sparshott, Scott Balmer, Jon Boam, Jiro Bevis, Jean Jullien, AAAAAND last but not least the wide eyed beauty that is Deanna Halsall. Dee gets an extra mention and pictures as she is another Salford graduate from Graphics.

"My name is Deanna and I am an illustrator based in the UK. My favourite things are birds, beards, pens, nice hair, old toys, cups of tea, super mario, screen prints, crayola and coloured papers. I like the colour yellow and my preferred letter of the alphabet is 'B'"

So big Salford love to both and heres to many happy yellow "Bs"......

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